October 27, 2013Epic Inventor Goes Open Source!

It's been a great journey developing this game. We're releasing it open-source to the community in the hopes that others will continue on where we left off and make fun stuff.

If you do create and release something based on this code, or just want to say hi, give us a shout out.

You can grab the code over at GitHub: https://github.com/BlkStormy/epic-inventor

Enjoy :)

April 29, 2012Epic Inventor 1.0!

The latest version of Epic Inventor is here!

This update contains many bug-fixes (as usual), but also marks the completion of Epic Inventor (for now). For more information on our future plans, head here!

The updates

  • Added: Craftable Resource Locators (Copper, Diamond, Emerald, Gold, Iron, Platinum, Ruby, Sapphire, Silver)
  • Added: Rare developer item drops (Weem, Forrest, and Brandon each have one - let us know if you find them!)
  • Added: 9 new underground layouts (will only show when creating a new character
  • Update: When deleting a save, a confirmation box now comes up
  • Update: Blue Thorns and Vine Thorns are now more prevalent
  • Update: Tweaked the spawning of mobs a bit
  • BugFix: "Have Materials" in the crafting window wasn't being updated if the window was open and inventory changed
  • BugFix: BladeTrap was applying damage even when not powered
  • BugFix: RockMonsters and other mobs no longer group up around your base, waiting for you to return and then destroy you all at once
  • BugFix: Players could collect placeables when standing directly under them
  • BugFix: Typo on destroying container notification
  • BugFix: Freezing issues with when fighting Melvin (also fixed a few other freezing up issues)
  • BugFix: Couldn't pick up the Potted Flower
  • BugFix: While placing, if the cursor goes off the screen, the placeable was being lost at the bottom of the map
  • BugFix: In certain situations the boomerang sound wouldn't stop (not sure if this is entirely fixed - couldn't 100% reproduce)
  • BugFix: Hosting a game, saving, and rehosting without exiting was creating a problem re-opening the port
  • BugFix: Some players were able to duplicate Idol's
  • BugFix: Graphical issue with the robot's energy shield showing when activated (even though he's not being hit)
  • BugFix: Multiplayer lag when client initially connects

Thanks everyone,

~ Weem

April 15, 2012Epic Inventor 0.8.0 is Here!

The latest version of Epc Inventor is here!

This update contains many bug-fixes related to multiplayer and also introduces you to the Oobaboo tribe! Find one of their idols? Try using it (place in quickbar and left-click out on your screen).


Regarding multiplayer please note...

1) Your best option when hosting to use port forwarding. I don't have instructions handy (I'll get something up on the forums soon-ish), but a quick reference from Google should help! We recommend you play via LAN, or if over the internet that the server is set up as the DMZ
2) There will be bugs. Please report them as you find em!

Thanks everyone,

~ Weem

March 30, 2012Spotlight on Multiplayer!

As many of you know, since the last update a few days back, we turned our attention 100% towards finishing multiplayer!

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be continuing to hash out Multiplayer, so it could be just as long before you see an update to the game. Once we have Multiplayer in a "pretty close to done" stage, we will likely push out an update so you can all check *cough*help test*cough* it out.

In the meantime, let me drop a plug to a few things here...

  • Twitter. Be sure to follow Forrest (@BlkStormy) and I (@theweem) on Twitter if you haven't already. It's one of the best places to grab us if you have a question or comment. Personally, I pretty much live there and I do everything I can to respond to every person who sends me a message, so consider hitting us up there!
  • YouTube. I record videos for Epic Inventor, so you can check those out on YouTube via my channel "Weemcast".
  • Facebook. This is our Official Epic Inventor Facebook Page, so consider checking it out (and liking it, if you do!)
  • Epic Inventor's Handbook. Dan (aka VortacVids on YouTube) has a YouTube series up called the Epic Inventor's Handbook. Click here to check it out!

Thanks again everyone!

~ Weem

March 26, 20120.7.0 - Released!

To download, run the game and click the update notification, or click here to download it again. Make sure not to erase your save game files (Player1.date, Player2.dat, etc...)

Our major focus right now is working on multiplayer updates. We're hoping to get multiplayer more/less good in the next few weeks.

  • Added: In-game Updater! Later updates can be downloaded directly from the game when notified of a new update
  • Update: Performance improvements for game rendering engine
  • Update: Re-enabled the game console so players can better report bugs and give us more info
  • BugFix: Multiple issues with picking up the wrong placeables
  • BugFix: HP can never go below 0 now
  • BugFix: Clicking on a requirement in the crafting window now properly takes you to that item and resets filters
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with some players being able to place outside of town blocks
  • BugFix: Players can no longer use the Flame Cannon and other projectiles simultaneously
  • BugFix: Boomerang sound continued after player death
  • BugFix: Connecting to a multiplayer game is MUCH faster now (the next game update will have a bunch of multiplayer updates - that's our major focus at this point)

~ Forrest

March 24, 2012We're baaaack!

Did you miss us?

As many of you know, our website (as well as access to the forums and download of Epic Inventor) was not available for a good portion of two days recently. We have some things moved around and relocated others in some cases. For example, the forums were moved to forums.epicinventor.com and the main site (the one you are on now) was moved over to Amazon's AWS service. Thanks to these changes, were much better prepared for large spikes in traffic to the site. In fact, we saw more registrations yesterday than we did the day before.

So what happened? YouTube commentator RandonsPlays posted a video about Epic Inventor on the 22nd. Well, he happens to have over 150,000 subscribers and a large number of them decided to come over and download the game, which is awesome! However, the server had some issues with the volume of requests and the site crashed... sort of...

In fact, the site didn't crash - it was intentionally disabled by our host as a security precaution because of the traffic. They let it come back up, but immediately disabled it again as the traffic spiked again. At that point it took us a while to work with them to allow it to come back up (we had to make some changes to satisfy their concerns).

After all of that, they let it come back up again but their measures kicked in again about 5 hours later, at which point we could no longer contact the administrators we were working with, so we had to wait until yesterday.

So yea, that's the story of the last few days. Thanks for your patience everyone!

~ Weem